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Located in Villa Bartolomea, Scarpato Srl was a small pastry shop now big, but not too big: let's say it has become a super pastry, because the production is still artisan and the secrets of the pastry chefs have been preserved and handed down without leave too much work to the machines, leaving the hands and the experience work the raw materials ... The property now has solid financial foundations and reliable human resources that have enabled today's Scarpato to be counted among the excellence of Made in Italy. Panettone, Pandori, Offelle and Colomba Pasquali, now sold all over the world only in the best shops, have the taste, the fragrance and the softness of a pastry product because the leavening, the dough and the cooking are followed with care, patience and love. The "mother yeast or sourdough" is the basic compound, always used, which is the main secret of the Scarpato. This compound of micro-organisms, completely natural, together with new flour and water is the main element that gives the products incomparable softness, digestibility and shelf life. It is jealously guarded and regenerated every day 365 days a year, for over 100 years. With the passing of the years, imagination and creativity have enriched the range of products with the most delicious variations based on chocolate, fruit, inimitable fillings and beautiful wrappers that embellish all products. At this point you just have to try .....

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