There are those who prefer them without raisins, some with candied fruit, some decorated with icing sugar. Traditional classics, however, are loved by everyone, in all formats, every moment of the year.

Colomba Classic 750

colomba, classica, canditi
The fresh and sweet aroma of candied orange meets the flavor of a soft dough with long natural leavening, covered with a crunchy amaretto glaze, granulated sugar and Italian almonds.
CODE: 80088
Weight: 750

Colomba Double chocolate

cioccolato, colomba
Dark chocolate drops alternating with other milk drops, for a double gluttony. A rich and extremely soft dough thanks to the long leavening, made even tastier by the special amaretto, almond and sugar glaze.
CODE: 82109
Weight: 1000

Colomba without candied fruit

senza canditi, colomba
All the flavor of a long leavening dough, without any additions. A dessert without candied fruit, perfect for those who want to savor the more natural side of tradition, sweetened by a crunchy covering glaze.
CODE: 82108
Weight: 1000

Colomba Classic

colomba, classica, canditi
L’aroma fresco e dolce dei canditi d’arancia incontra il sapore di un soffice impasto a lunga lievitazione naturale, ricoperto con una croccante glassa di amaretto, zucchero in granella e mandorle italiane.
CODE: 80089
Weight: 1000

Colomba Offella

offella, colomba, antica offelleria verona
The naturally leavened dough of the famous Offella Antica Verona takes a new shape. All the flavor and aroma of the traditional Veronese dessert are enclosed in a soft Colomba to be enjoyed with a veil of sugar.
CODE: 86015
Weight: 1000
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