Spirits Collection

Dark chocolate and Rum, Lemon and Gin, cream, and Amarone grappa. Sweets and spirits come together in a line of artisanal Panettone with refined flavors, kept in an elegant packaging that is also perfect as a gift.

Panettone with lemon and gin

Gin, Lemon
Limited Edition
Naturally leavened panettone with candied Sicilian lemon peel and Gin.
CODE: 13173
Weight: 900g

Panettone with chocolate and rum

Chocolate, Rum
Limited Edition
Naturally leavened panettone with dark chocolate drops and rum.
CODE: 13172
Weight: 900g

Panettone with grappa Amarone barrique

Grappa, Raisins
Limited Edition
Naturally leavened panettone with raisins, filled with Amarone grappa in barrique cream.
CODE: 13188
Weight: 900g

Colomba Gin Lemon

Gin, Lemon, Colomba
Limited Edition
A soft, naturally leavened dough enriched with homemade Gin-scented cream and candied Sicilian lemon flakes. A fresh and decisive character, sweetened by a rich icing of amaretto and sugar for a perfect balance of flavors.
CODE: 83108
Weight: 900

Colomba Rum & Chocolate

Rum, cioccolato, Colomba
Limited Edition
Delicious dark chocolate drops exalting the intense aromatic notes of the rum cream. A filling artfully created by our Pastry Masters to enhance a naturally leavened dough, whose softness meets a glaze of amaretto and granulated sugar.
CODE: 83109
Weight: 900

Colomba Caipiroska - Vodka & Strawberries

Caipiroska, Vodka, Fragole
Limited Edition
The aroma of one of the most popular drinks inebriates the natural dough. A delicate vodka cream soaks each slice, garnished with bits of fresh strawberries, amaretto and sugar glaze.
CODE: 83110
Weight: 900
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