Essence collection

From the collaboration between Pasticceria Scarpato and Azienda Agricola Pernigo comes the Essence line. Essential oils are combined with our leavened pastries to offer a unique sensory experience.

Colomba Mint and Milk Chocolate

essence, menta, cioccolato, colomba
Limited Edition
Mint and chocolate: the enveloping freshness of mint blends with the persuasiveness of milk chocolate, creating a unique sensory atmosphere where the taste of tradition opens up a new avenue of taste. A naturally leavened dough, whose softness meets an icing of amaretto and granulated sugar.
CODE: 82002
Weight: 900

Colomba Lavander & Peach

essence, lavanda, pesca, olomba
Limited Edition
Lavender and peach, the flower that carries the scent of spring meets the fresh, pulpy fruit of summer. An elegant and refined combination where taste and fragrance come together in an unprecedented expressive balance. A fresh and assertive character, enriched by an amaretto and sugar glaze, moistened by fragrant essences, for a perfect balance of flavours.
CODE: 82001
Weight: 900
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