Light and Tasty

Tastiness embraces lightness in the Light and Tasty line. Many genuine recipes dedicated to those who do not want to exceed calories, follow a vegan diet, or are lactose intolerant.

Colomba wholemeal with chocolate chips

colomba, integrale, cioccolato
A natural dough with mother yeast and wholemeal flour, rustic and nutritious, embraces the delicacy of dark chocolate drops and icing with amaretto, Italian almonds and granulated sugar.
CODE: 82003
Weight: 750

Easter cake with EVO oil

colomba, olio, senza lattosio
A dough worked with pure extra virgin olive oil to bring a light, lactose-free goodness to the table. Naturally leavened for a long time, it teases the palate with candied orange cubes and a crunchy glaze. NO LACTOSE
CODE: 82004
Weight: 750

Vegan Easter cake

colomba, vegan, uvetta
Prepared with raw beet sugar, it conquers the palate with its light taste and the inimitable softness of the dough with mother yeast, rich in soy protein, oat fiber and fragrant raisins
CODE: 82005
Weight: 750

Easter cake with no added sugar

colomba, senza zuccheri, uvetta
An incredible sweetness, without added sugars: maltitol and isomalt give a unique lightness to the long leavened natural dough, made even more special by the aroma of the precious dried raisins.
CODE: 82006
Weight: 750
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